Johnson Controls S300-DIN-RDR2S Two-Door Interface
  • Johnson Controls S300-DIN-RDR2S Two-Door Interface

Johnson Controls S300-DIN-RDR2S Two-Door Interface


Fabricante: Johnson Controls
Modelo: S300-DIN-RDR2S

The S300-DIN-RDR2S module supports one or two doors per
module. It uses standard RS-485 communications and can interface
with the following controllers:
The S300-DIN-RDR2S, also referred to as the RDR2S, provides the
ability to configure supervised 4-state inputs and unsupervised
2-state inputs. A total of 10 inputs can be configured as supervised 4-
state inputs (normally open or normally closed), or 2-state inputs.
When interfacing to a single door, the unused points can be
configured as general purpose input/output (I/O) points, possibly
eliminating the need to purchase additional I/O modules for certain
The RDR2S provides power for card readers and door locking

2-state (unsupervised) or 4-state (supervised) inputs –
Unsupervised inputs report either open or closed. Supervised
inputs provide two additional states that indicate tampering to an
external device.
Support of RS-485 bus communications at 9600 or 19200
baud – Improved performance with improved RS-458 bus polling
Easy installation – Modules be mounted on a flat surface, DIN
rail, or in available UL Listed enclosures.
Expandable modular design – RDR2S modules can be
connected together via RS-485.
Agency listing – The RDR2S is UL294 listed.

The RDR2S provides the following connections when configured to
control one or two doors:
Inputs – Request to exit devices, door position contacts, and
readers (PIN, card or biometric)
Outputs – Electric locking mechanisms, such as a strike, and
shunt alarm
Note: The RDR2S does not support 1-wire Wiegand signal or matrix
(row/column) keypads. Readers requiring these connection types are
still supported by the RDR2.
Power Requirements
The RDR2S requires 24 VDC input power and can draw as much as
1.5 amps (depending on the power requirements of the connected
devices). The RDR2S also requires a 2-wire RS-485 connection back
to the controller.
The RDR2S can provide 5, 12, or 24 VDC to the reader

Consumo energético: 24VDC

Garantía: 24 meses

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